Welcome to
the School of Dreaming

Bringing back
the ancient art of lucid dreaming
and astral projection

The School of Dreaming is dedicated to the exploration of the astral realm.

The word 'astral' stems from the Latin word 'astralis' meaning 'of the stars'. To astral project is to travel freely through a cosmos of astral worlds.

Learning Astral Projection is essentially a spirit quest that involves many levels of self-expansion and discovery. It is a fun, mind-blowing experience and, I believe, one of the most rewarding pursuits imaginable. This School is based on Guided Meditations that will guide you through the steps needed to get any beginner experiencing the Astral Realm.

I believe Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection are potent healing experiences and vitally important for our psychological health and sense of happiness and well-being. They promote spiritual awareness, expand consciousness and inspire awe and respect for the incredible mystery of existence. Now more than ever we need the ancient art of Dreaming back in our lives and in our world. There is so much magic and mystery to discover... so why sleep when you can Dream?

Through Dreaming we awaken to an awesome universe filled with mysterious power and potential. We can experience a truly enchanted and magical world that is alive with meaning and guiding us to rediscover the language of Dreaming; to rediscover ourselves.

Review 1

"Omg i don't know what to say and I couldn't find the right words to describe it if I could. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I want to go back to wherever I was! You are gifted and I thank you very much for this wonderful experience. Simply amazing."

Review 2

"I had the vibrations, but I managed to relax and I was catapulted to another world, fully Lucid, exploring as I pleased. It was great! Thanks for your wonderful videos."

Review 3

"I use these as a background to my afternoon naps....And they take me to some WONDERFUL places!! Thank you so much for making these Susannah, your voice is just the most amazing soothing voice I have ever heard!"

Review 4

"Thanks, Susannah!! I had my first (and only) astral projection with "The Crystal Lake". What an amazing experience. Words cannot describe it... Your meditations are unique & powerful. Please don't ever stop making them. :)"

Review 5

"I just want to thank you for everything. You opened up a world to me, an amazing world of Astral Travels, Meditations and all that good stuff. It really changed me and my view of life :D"

Review 6

"I can say this is 100% real - this was my first time experiencing astral projection and it lasted for about 2 and a half hours. It was the most amazing yet crazy thing to ever happen to me..."