Guided Astral Meditations for lucid dreaming and astral projection

Astral Projection Secrets

Astral Projection Secrets

Here I will share with you some of the best secrets that I have for successful astral projection.

There are a lot of mistakes people often make that make astral projection a lot harder than it needs to be, and its already pretty hard in that it does take TIME, PRACTICE and DEDICATION to achieve. So I want to share just a few tips that will make astral projection as easy as it can be…


The first secret I want to talk about is timing – if you are practicing your astral meditation in bed at night as you fall asleep (and most people are) then the chances of you actually astral projecting are very, very small! Because you are tired and your mind is ready to shift into a state of deep, dreamless sleep because that is exactly what it needs at that time.

If you listen to an astral meditation at night in bed then what you are doing is setting yourself up for a beautiful nights sleep with some vivid (possibly lucid) dreams, and you are deepening your experiential knowledge of your astral body – making steps towards astral projection happening in the future which is certainly awesome if this is what you want. But if you want to actually astral project then its probably not going to happen right then if you are listening at bed time.

By far the easiest time to astral project is the early hours of the morning, after 5-6 or so hours of good, deep sleep. This is because in the early morning our natural REM sleep cycle has moved our brains into the theta state which is the state we need to be in to tune into the non-physical reality of the astral realm. So practising astral meditation in the early hours of the morning is going to sky rocket your chances of successful astral projection so thats the first and most important secret right there.

This leads me to the next secret I want to give you which is:

#2 The importance of achieving a SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS into an altered state of awareness.

We have our awake state and we have our asleep state that we are all pretty familiar with. But in-between these states we have another state of consciousness, a dreaming state of consciousness and this is the state we need to be in to make astral projection as easy as possible. You can recognise this state by a very relaxed feeling of falling, you can feel yourself “tuning out” from the physical world and you will have visions or sensations that are coming not from the physical world but from your inner world.

So whats important about this is as you practise your astral mediation is that you need to let go of your waking consciousness to some extent and allow yourself to fall towards sleep, without actually falling all the way in to sleep obviously. And its up to every individual to learn how to navigate our way into this dreaming state and to stay there. And this just takes lots of practise and experimentation through trial and error as you get a feel for holding your awareness in this dreaming state. So in a sense there is no “unsuccessful” astral meditation because all practise is accumulating knowledge and experience on how to navigate into this new state of consciousness.

If you do find yourself consistently falling asleep during your astral meditation practice then you may just be too tired, so catch up on your sleep and then try again. You also don’t want to be too awake because we all know how hard it can be to fall sleep when we are very awake, its very difficult. So its the same with astral projection – its harder to shift into a dreaming state of consciousness if we’re very awake, stimulated, caffeinated, etc. So once again the perfect timing is really the early hours of the morning when you are not too tired and not too awake…

A lot of people ask what’s the best body position for astral projection, and this is completely dependent on the individual and which side of the awake/asleep spectrum of dreaming consciousness you are falling. I always say that a good starting position is lying flat in your back in bed. From this position if you’re finding yourself falling too deeply asleep then try sitting in a more upright position, angled at around 45 degrees, you can use pillows to get into this position or a reclining armchair or even like a banana lounge is good for finding the right angle for you. If you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum and you are a light sleeper and have trouble letting go of your waking consciousness then I recommend to lie in bed in a very comfortable position, one that you would usually sleep in.

So its a case of experimenting and doing what you need to do to facilitate this shift in consciousness.

The next big tip for astral projection is:

#3 To set a powerful INTENTION.

A lot of people are seeking astral projection just for the sake of the experience, for a thrill or just to know its possible, and this is ok but its not really an empowering intention. Its really much more powerful to set an intention that is going to inspire the help of your higher self and your angels and your spirit guides, because these beings are going to give you the light, the energy, the guidance you need to help you into the astral realm much easier than on your own. So the kinds of intentions that will inspire help from your higher connections are the ones with a pure motivation for spiritual growth and healing for yourself and the world. These pure intentions also inspire a vibration that will keep you in the higher levels of the astral. You might ask for insights into the big questions of life – what is my soul’s mission, what is the next step for my spiritual expansion, who are my guides, how can I use my gifts for healing myself and others. You may wish to recover crucial lost pieces of your soul… My point is big intentions lead to big dreams.

And don’t sweat the semantics – your intention might be fulfilled by an astral projection, a lucid dream or even a regular dream. Don’t ignore lucid or regular dreams in your quest for astral projection, just engage with the astral realm in whatever form it presents itself to you. Because there are stages of expansion you may need to go through to get to astral projection and thats ok, your dream life is vast and includes all kinds of visions and experiences that all have one thing in common – that they come from YOUR inner world and they are communicating with YOU, and the deeper you listen the further they will take you.

Which leads me to the next essential step:

#4 The dream JOURNAL.

This journal is so so important for your astral journey on so many levels…

Firstly by writing down your dreams and your astral experiences every morning you are strengthening a connection within your brain that is able to build a bridge between your altered states of consciousness. It is this connection that is the most vital skill for conscious dreaming, because this is how you download the conscious details of any astral experience into your waking consciousness. To be honest we are all having astral projections and out of body experiences on a nightly basis, the only thing that separates “astral projectors” from regular people is this ability to be aware, recall and merge these experiences with their waking consciousness.

When we head in and out of sleep we all drift through various stages of altered-consciousness and have all kinds of visions and experiences, however most if not all of them will not survive in our memories long enough to see the light of day.

Luckily we can improve our astral recall dramatically just by writing down every dream and astral experience that we remember in our dream journal every morning. This way we can also have a ‘database’ of our astral adventures which becomes an amazing tool for checking our recurring dream patterns, dream signs and records of prophetic dreams that come true in the future.


Our inner vision is a powerful sense that most of us have lost touch with. To learn to use it again I recommend a simple practice – to just watch the visuals behind your closed eyelids as you fall asleep at night. The key is to really watch and engage with the patterns that begin to form in your mind’s eye. An easy way to get started is just to look for vague outlines of things, saying to yourself, “Oooh, that looks a bit like a toaster. And that looks like a dandelion. And that looks like cat’s whiskers!” and so on and so on. Pretty soon, if you stay focussed on the game, the shapes will begin to look more and more realistic until eventually you are seeing incredibly detailed and unique imagescapes. Its fun and beautiful to observe what you can see with your outer-eyes closed.


Finally you want to look after your physical body by being well rested, well exercised, well hydrated and well nourished. It takes a lot of energy to maintain awareness in the astral realm. A plant-based diet full of organic superfoods is ideal. I also recommend a wholefood multivitamin supplement. Other supplements include B-vitamins, Iron, Galantamine and Choline. A lot of rest is essential, taking naps during the day is great if possible. Energy Work such as chi gong and tai chi are also extremely helpful.

You also want to be taking care of your spiritual health by avoiding stress, breathing deeply and being as mindful as you possibly can. Mindfulness, also known as lucidity, is the key ingredient for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Nourish your spirit by delighting in the small details of your waking day, from the feeling of the warm water in your shower to the patterns on a dried, fallen leaf. During the day, notice as many of the exquisite details of your surroundings as you possibly can; it will feed your imagination and the the textures of your lucid dreams.

Its also great to ‘feed your imagination’ with great images and adventure movies and books, etc. Having lots of stunning visual material in the database of your creative subconscious mind will power the visuals and experiences of your astral adventures.


The Path of Dreaming is not always easy – it is often called the Dream Warrior’s Path because it does require discipline, focus, patience and plenty of courage and perseverance – so be prepared for some ups and downs. Just keep a positive attitude and know that your hard work will be rewarded with an incredible transformation into awesomeness for both your astral and your waking life…