Guided Astral Meditations for lucid dreaming and astral projection

Astral Projection Help

Astral Projection Help

There is much preparation for your astral adventure that should take place during the waking day…



The first thing I want to tell you is that keeping a dream diary is incredibly important for astral projection… why is this? Well first of all writing and journaling in itself is an amazingly helpful process of self-reflection, but also dream journaling is the absolute best way to boost our astral memory by strengthening the connections between our ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

This is so important because.. wait for it… most of us are already having astral projections while we sleep at night but we are simply not remembering them! When we head into sleep we drift through various stages of altered-consciousness and have all kinds of visions and experiences, however most if not all of them will not survive in our memories long enough to see the light of day.

Luckily we can improve our dream recall dramatically just by writing down every dream and astral experience that we remember every morning. There are other ways to improve dream recall but this is certainly the best and easiest, and you get to keep records of your astral travels for years to come.


Your “travel plan” (also known as your intention) is your plan for what you want to achieve from your next astral journey. It can be literally anything from requesting a healing to exploring the moon, whatever your heart desires! It does take some practise though to be able to bend the astral realm to your whims, so for beginners its best to keep your plans simple and aimed at remembering as much of your trip as possible. A good example is, “When I arrive in the astral realm I will explore my surroundings while I remember as many details as I can. Then I will return triumphantly to my physical body and immediately write down every detail of the experience.” During the day, assert your travel plan for your next astral journey calmly and confidently to yourself as often as you can.

Its important to keep a sense of being “busy” and having purpose while in the astral realm, staying engaged with the experience, to avoid losing lucidity and drifting into an unconscious dream. While you are in the Astral Realm continue confidently asserting your plan to yourself (out loud is good too!) and you will remain in control. If you do find yourself waking up too soon rubbing your hands together or grabbing hold of objects around you can work well to extend the journey.


Where are you right now? Are you in the astral plane? Or the physical? Its very, very hard to tell the difference unless we stop and question our current reality. If we question our reality constantly during the day then its only a matter of time before we question our reality during a dream and discover YES WE ARE DREAMING. This is the #1 most common way to initiate lucid dreams.

There are MANY ways to do this type of “reality check” and you can use a standard one or make up your own. A “reality check” is a little experiment you perform that will test the state of your current reality. For example, in the astral realm you have no physical body, only an illusion of one that you have created with your mind. So one of my favourites is to pinch my nostrils closed and then try to breathe (with my mouth closed too of course). If I cannot get any air into my lungs then I can pretty much assume I am currently in the physical realm and not the astral realm.

If I find I can breathe normally with mouth and nostrils tightly closed then I can safely assume that I am in the astral realm and recall my travel plans and set off on my astral journey. (I will always do a few checks before I jump off buildings for flying or any other potentially dangerous stunts just to be sure!)

Here is a list of  a few other reliable reality checks:

Try to push your hand through a wall.

Jump in the air and see if you float.

Look at any text or numbers, then look away, and then back to see if they have changed. (Text and numbers are very unstable in the Astral Realm and don’t seem to be able to hold their form too well.)

Whatever test you choose, to up the chances of performing it during an actual dream its good to do the test during the day ALOT, like 10+ times a day, especially whenever you have a surreal/dreamlike experience (or a conversation about lucid dreaming because these show up in dreams all the time!) Do this test (and then affirm your plan for when you discover that you ARE dreaming) as often as you can during the waking day and your mind will be primed for astral travel.


Our inner vision is a powerful sense that most of us have lost touch with. To learn to use it again I recommend a simple practice – to just watch the visuals behind your closed eyelids as you fall asleep at night. The key is to really watch and engage with the patterns that begin to form in your mind’s eye. An easy way to get started is just to look for vague outlines of things, saying to yourself, “Oooh, that looks a bit like a toaster. And that looks like a dandelion. And that looks like cat’s whiskers!” and so on and so on. Pretty soon, if you stay focussed on the game, the shapes will begin to look more and more realistic until eventually you are seeing incredibly detailed and unique imagescapes. Its fun and beautiful to observe what you can see with your outer-eyes closed.


Finally you want to look after your physical body by being well rested, well exercised, well hydrated and well nourished. It takes a lot of energy to maintain the concentration needed for astral projection. A plant-based diet full of organic superfoods is ideal. I also recommend a wholefood multivitamin supplement. Other supplements include B-vitamins, Iron, Galantamine and Choline. A lot of rest is essential, taking naps during the day is great if possible. Energy Work such as chi gong and tai chi are also extremely helpful.

You also want to be taking care of your spiritual health by avoiding stress, breathing deeply and being as mindful as you possibly can. Mindfulness, also known as lucidity, is the key ingredient for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Nourish your spirit by delighting in the small details of your waking day, from the feeling of the warm water in your shower to the patterns on a dried, fallen leaf. During the day, notice as many of the exquisite details of your surroundings as you possibly can; it will feed your imagination and the the textures of your lucid dreams.

Its also great to ‘feed your imagination’ with great images and adventure movies and books, etc. Having lots of stunning visual material in the database of your creative subconscious mind will power the visuals and experiences of your astral adventures.


The Path of Dreaming is not always easy – it does require discipline, focus, patience and plenty of courage and perseverance – so be prepared for some ups and downs. Just keep a positive attitude and know that your hard work will eventually be rewarded with awesome astral adventures to treasure forever…