Astral projection is to navigate and interact with brilliant astral worlds accessed by your incredible mind & heart. To enter the astral realm is to step through the looking glass and into the mind-blowing worlds of your wildest dreams.

Listening to guided Astral Meditations is a powerful way to help us to discover and cultivate our natural ability to travel consciously to the astral realm.

How? Simply lie down in a private and quiet space, making sure you are warm and comfortable, put on an eye mask and headphones and listen to a guided Astral Meditation.

Guided Astral Meditations work to guide you into the astral realm through powerful combinations of intention setting, belief reprogramming, third eye opening, physical body relaxation, astral body activation and theta/delta wave isochronic tones and binaural beats.

While listening to the Astral Meditation its important to use your imagination to its full extent, trying to see, feel, taste and touch the imaginary world of the Meditation as clearly as you can. If your astral projection is successful you will find yourself stepping through the doorway of your imagination and into an astral world that will feel just as real as the world you are experiencing now.

You can expect to enter the astral realm in any of the following ways:


You fall asleep and into a dream in which you become aware you are dreaming.


You may see visuals in your inner vision that are very vivid and detailed, at which point you can imagine yourself stepping or flying into the image and you will find yourself within the scene, and in the astral realm. It can be effective to use your astral hands to reach into the vision and pull yourself into the scene.

You may also feel tactile sensations with your body such as climbing, falling, floating, etc. As these feelings become more and more 'real' you will merge into the astral realm.


If you remain conscious as your body falls asleep then you may begin to feel strong sensations in your body such as vibrating, bouncing, rolling, rising or falling. These feelings can either appear suddenly or they can begin in your imagination and grow in intensity until they become extremely powerful, signalling that you are ready to astral project. The best technique now is to simply relax and follow the motion with the intention of moving away from your current location and you will find yourself outside of your physical body and in the astral realm.

Listening to an Astral Meditation will prime your astral body for astral travel to occur when the time is right. If at the end of the Astral Meditation you are still in your physical body then don't worry, every listen is bringing you closer to success. This is because you have been practising and preparing your mind and body for Astral Projection throughout the meditation. Apart from beginner's luck, astral projection requires dedication and training; it requires strength of mind and imagination, and developing the 'muscle-memory' of using our astral body regularly.

I have outlined some simple astral projection secrets to complement the Astral Meditations. These will help to launch you into your astral life.

To supercharge your chances of success I recommend to practise your Astral Meditation in the very early hours of the morning one or two hours before your usual wake up time. Ideally you will do this 2-3 times a week.

I also recommend to research and READ up on the subject. There is a huge amount of in-depth information out there on the internet and in books, and many forums to join. There is a growing collective of astral travellers all helping each other and sharing methods and experiences.

Ultimately the best teacher will be your own Dreaming - every astral traveler is also a pioneer of their own frontier, learning and growing as we travel deeper and deeper into the vast ocean of dreams.

Wishing you the most magical of journeys!

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