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The Best Sleeping Position for Astral Travel

The Best Sleeping Position for Astral Travel

Here are some tips to help you to harmonise your physical sleeping arrangements for awesome astral adventures:

Prepare for deep relaxation

Begin by taking care of some basic needs; you need to be warm and very comfortable and in a safe and quiet place. You need to minimise the possibility of interruptions – take the phone off the hook, pop the cat outside, wear and eye mask to keep out the light and headphones to keep out the noise. Mentally prepare by taking care of any pressing needs that might distract your mind. You need to be ready to focus 110% on your meditation, not thinking about anything else, so ensure that you are ready to let go and truly relax.

Find the best sleeping position for you

A lot of people ask me what the best position to astral project from is, but there really is no universal best sleeping position for astral travel, it is up to us to discover the best position for our own needs. As we know the key to successful astral travel is in achieving the “mind awake/body asleep” state of consciousness so I recommend adjusting your sleeping position to facilitate this. The best position is the one in which you can fully relax your body into sleep yet remain mentally aware, achieving the shift of consciousness needed for successful astral travel.

A good starting point is to try your astral meditation lying flat on your back and see what happens. For many people this is the best position, but if you find yourself falling asleep then try sitting up at a 45 degree angle propped up with pillows or in a recliner chair. This should help to prevent your mind from falling into sleep.

If you are not falling asleep at all while lying on your back and feeling quite awake and excited then I recommend trying a position that is extremely comfortable for you such as lying on your side in a position that you might sleep in at night. This should help you to sink into the deep state of relaxation that is required for astral projection.

Naturally the right position for you will change depending on your state of alertness. With practise you will be able to recognise which position is best for your current state of awareness.

Position your bed to north-south

Humans, and probably all earth-creatures, are effected in subtle ways by the magnetic field of the earth. When we are sleeping we are in a particularly sensitive state and so these magnetic influences can become all the more powerful. A sleep study from Missouri University has shown that people sleeping on a north-south axis had longer REM cycles during sleep than those sleeping on an east-west axis. Since REM sleep is when most dreaming occurs moving the position of the bed to a north-south axis could promote longer dreams and astral journeys. Having the head to the south and the feet to the north is said to be the most balancing for the body’s energies. Interestingly famous astral projection teacher Robert Monroe recommends the opposite – head to the north and feet to the south – perhaps this is to use this distortion of the body’s natural energies to lighten the state of sleep and promote easier astral projection.

Sleep in different, new locations

Sleeping in new and different beds will promote lucidity during sleep, as a study has shown that when we sleep in a new location one hemisphere of our brain will remain more alert, due to our ever vigilant body being less sure of the safety of the new location.

A good experiment is to wake up early in the morning, after 4-6 hours of sleep, and then return to sleep somewhere new in the house, keeping track of the effects on your dreaming.

Create a designated “sacred dreaming” space

Having a designated sanctuary for dreaming, a bed in another room or a corner of your bedroom that you use only for dreaming and astral projection, is very helpful to prepare you psychologically for astral travel, especially if you are following a regular dreaming practice. You can sleep in your regular bed until the early, REM-rich hours of the morning and then transfer to your special dreaming bed for your dreaming practice. This bed should be in a private place and adorned with magical items with special meaning to you such as crystals, dream catchers, essential oils and your sleeping mask, dream journal, headphones etc. Having a sacred dreaming space such as this will help to facilitate the shift into the altered state of consciousness required for dreaming.

Other suggestions are to remove all electrical devices from the room and all clutter. Its not hard to see how keeping a simple, clean, uncluttered sleeping place will help to raise the quality of your sleep and dreams.

Some interesting studies on Sleeping Positions and Dreams:

A study by physician Lynne Levitan has suggested that people are three times more likely to have lucid dreams while sleeping on their back or right side, than on their left side. Perhaps this is because of the different positions influencing different parts of the brain.

Researchers at Yuzuncu Yil University in Turkey found that the left-side sleeping subjects experienced far more nightmares with 40.9% of the subjects reporting having disturbing dreams compared to only 14.6% of the right-side sleepers.

Recent research also suggests that sleeping on your stomach will produce more vivid and memorable dreams than sleeping on your back. This seems to be a deeper state of sleep than sleeping on your back so it is probably a good option for advanced lucid dreamers who wish to prolong their astral journeys.