Guided Astral Meditations for lucid dreaming and astral projection

Working on Dream Recall

Working on Dream Recall

The first stage on The Path of Dreaming is to start remembering our dreams. Our Dream Memory is responsible for our ability to recall our dreams and astral experiences in detail on waking/returning to the physical body. This dream memory works on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis, and unfortunately most of us haven’t been using it much for most of our lives, so we need to work on getting it back in action. We all dream about 5 dreams every night, but how many of these do we recall? The same goes for Astral Projections – it is possible we could have many in one night and not remember any of them! It has happened to me more than once that I was oblivious to AMAZING projections for a whole morning until something happened to trigger the memory. Once I remembered the projection, the memory was so vivid and powerful that I couldn’t believe I had forgotten it! How many have been lost to the sands of my subconscious? Too many for sure!

Astral experiences will very likely be some of the most amazing experiences of our lives. It is crucial to activate our Dream Memory so we can remember, learn from and cherish these experiences well into the future.

Luckily the Dream Memory responds very quickly to being used and should sharpen up considerably with the following exercises.


You will need to get yourself a journal, just for astral experiences, and a nice pen that will make writing smooth and enjoyable. Keep these by your bed and write down every dream fragment that you remember, as soon as you wake from the dream. It can be notoriously difficult to force ourselves to write down our dreams when we wake up sleepily in the middle of the night, but every time you do so you are sending powerful messages to your Dream Memory that encourages it to kick into gear because it is now needed. Make recording dreams your priority and your consciousness will respond, knowing that dreams are now important to you and you are listening.

Whether your dreams are lucid or not, they all contain important messages, especially when we ask for guidance and set our intentions to remember our dreams. Even if you only remember flashes or images, write them down.

In the beginning you might not remember many of your dreams. This is normal and nothing to worry about – dream memory is a skill like any other, it requires some practice and perseverance. When you wake just remain still and search your memory for remnants of dream images. How do you feel? Feelings can lead you back to dreams. Move your eyes around behind your closed eyelids – this activates different sections of your memory. Once you remember some details retrace the dream events backwards and forwards in your mind until you have recaptured the dream in your waking mind. Then write it all down in your Dream Journal.

Even if you can’t remember anything it’s very important to spend a good amount of time and effort trying to remember. Think of the astral memory as a muscle, and the harder you try to remember your dreams in the morning the more you exercise this muscle. As the muscle gets more exercised it grows stronger, and the more vivid your astral memories become.

Even if you don’t remember anything then still take the time to write down the feelings you have upon waking; note how you slept and if you woke up feeling positive or uneasy, etc. This will discourage your ‘lazy side’ from giving up too soon just to avoid writing in your journal. This can take some willpower! And Astral Projection definitely requires willpower and determination in many areas so this is a good place to start.


As you remember more of your dreams this week you may find yourself recalling scary dreams, or uncomfortable dreams in which you are doing distasteful things like murdering or having sex with the wrong people, etc. Some dreams are confronting or may remind us of past events that we would rather forget. You might wake up wishing that you hadn’t had that dream. However it is so important for Dream Memory that we refrain from judging, condemning or censoring our dreams in any way.

Dreams are highly symbolic. Taking dreams too literally has caused many people to close down their Dream Memory because they feel ashamed of their dream behaviour. Uncomfortable feelings of fear and shame have caused many of us to conveniently ‘forget’ our dreams on waking, and this can become a habit. We need to change this pattern and be gentle and encouraging with our newly awakening astral memories. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Instead, remember that dreams are important healing processes. Repressing, censoring or denying our dream memories is effectively denying our true selves, and this will severely block our astral travelling abilities.

So don’t judge yourself or your dreams! Whatever the dream is be sure to keep an open mind as you write down the details in your journal. Be aware of any resistance you feel to writing the dreams down – is this resistance a result of not wanting to accept something within the dream? These resistances will hamper our Dream Memory and our spiritual progression and they need to be acknowledged and overcome.

Approach all dreams with loving curiosity. Dreams are usually not what they appear to be; they have hidden encoded meanings that work on a deep symbolic, psychical level. They are always focussed on our healing and have our best interests at heart. I plan to write more on how to understand these codes in the future but for now just focus on the crucial action of stoking the fires of your Dream Memory.


Dreaming is important to me

My Astral Memory is strong and clear

My dreams are vivid and detailed

I remember all of my dreams when I wake because dreaming is important to me

I write all my dreams in my astral journal because dreaming is important to me

There are no bad dreams

All dreams are healing and worth remembering in detail

My dreams are always aligned with my greatest good

My dreams guide me on my path of my spiritual evolution

My dreams take me deep into the astral realm

My dreams contain important visions, symbols and messages from the higher realms

My dreams contain important messages that teach me about the astral realm and about astral projection



Watching television, movies or other screen-based media right before bed can have a very detrimental effect on your Dream Memory because of the brainwaves induced by screens. So don’t watch anything for at least two hours before you go to sleep. Reading books is a better option, especially imagination-boosting fantasy tales or books on dreams and astral projection.