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The dangers of the astral realm + A Cure for Nightmares

The dangers of the astral realm + A Cure for Nightmares

The only dangers during Astral Projection come from our own fearful thoughts and beliefs spiralling into a negative feedback loop. If we feel fear while on the Astral we will instantly manifest more fear and then react with more fear and on and on until we can find ourselves creating some serious monsters and a nightmarish situation.

When we astral project we are entering an unknown and unfamiliar world. And although we might know rationally that there is absolutely NOTHING to fear on the astral plane, when humans are faced with the unknown then irrational fears and insecurities that we would not otherwise be aware of will naturally begin to surface.

Instinctually when we are encountering something scary then our first reaction is to run and hide, to try to protect ourselves and to feel fear. But on the Astral Plane this reaction will only intensify the situation. To Astral Project “safely” we need to learn to reverse our instinctive reactions to our irrational fears.

#1 ASTRAL RULE: Love Heals All Astral Beasts/Monsters/Dark Entities

Many people will never encounter anything fearful while astral projecting and have simply blissful projections and experiences. But others of us (being human and having some deep irrational fears of the unknown) can manifest our own shadows and hidden fears as ‘Dark Creatures’ or ‘Evil Beings’ that we will encounter while Astral Projecting. On the Astral we must train ourselves to ‘face the monster’ that appears before us with love and curiosity, knowing that it CANNOT hurt us in anyway unless we allow it to. When we react to fear with love, curiosity and humour, the terrifying astral beast is ALWAYS transformed into some kind of sweet creature. Love truly heals all on the Astral Plane.

If you are naturally scared easily or prone to nightmares, then just be prepared for the chance of astral experiences that will challenge you to overcome your fears. If you are religious you will possibly manifest the Devil, Satan or whoever you believe to represent evil. The astral realm offers us a powerful opportunity to safely overcome our most potent fears; fears that we must overcome because they are going to be limiting our personal freedom and our spiritual evolution in our waking life as well.

So don’t fear these encounters with ‘Dark Entities’ but see them as a kind of initiation into the Astral Realm. These challenges are gifts that once overcome will unlock the gates of freedom and lead to our greatest healings.

When we begin Astral Projecting it is entirely normal to experience intense vibrations through our bodies, strange sounds and voices in our ears, and seeing or feeling the presence of strange beings near by or even touching us. It is normal to feel fear at first, but this can be overcome and it must be for the sublime beauty, wisdom and joy of the Astral Realm to open up and reveal itself to us. Love and trust is the key.

The truth is that you are always safe on the Astral Realm, no matter what. Remember how no matter how terrifying the nightmare is you always wake up unharmed, right? Any danger ONLY exists in your mind.


This exercise will help you to overcome the fear response. While looking at these SCARY images from the web, imagine that you are being confronted by these hideous creatures FOR REAL while in the astral realm. Allow the fear to surface in your body, and then practise staring calmly at the creature with love and curiosity and surround yourself with loving white light. Remind yourself that this is only an image and it has absolutely no power over you. It cannot hurt you in any way. Send love to the creature and feel compassion until your fear has completely melted away. Responding in such a way to the ghouls of your nightmares has an incredibly transformative effect, turning the worst offending nasty characters into the sweetest little things. Continue doing this exercise until you can genuinely look at these images and feel only love and laughter. Find images that most trigger a fear response in you. Or focus on the memory of a dream character from a nightmare you have had.

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