Guided Astral Meditations for lucid dreaming and astral projection

Latest Astral Meditation inspired by Dream Yoga

Latest Astral Meditation inspired by Dream Yoga

Mind Awake – Body Asleep // Guided Astral Projection Technique Meditation


Dream Yoga has been practised by Tibetan monks for aeons and is an ancient form of lucid dreaming. It is an advanced practice that requires a high level of skill in meditation to the point that you can remain awake in a state of meditation while your physical body falls asleep. Usually I will send my attention away from my physical body, into the world of my imagination, losing awareness of my physical body completely as I slip into the astral realm. The idea behind Dream Yoga however is to stay present with your body, meditating on your breathing or a mantra, and just staying awake and aware while your body falls asleep. This new astral meditation is designed to help with Dream Yoga-style meditation, to keep the wandering mind on track, focussed on your breathing to the point where the physical body can slip into sleep.

Another main focus in this meditation is also very much to release fear and bring calmness to the whole experience of astral projection. So many of the blocks to astral projection are based around limiting beliefs and fear of the unknown. These fears hold us back so much without us even realising it, and not just fear but excitement too. Getting too excited changes our whole body chemistry and just wakes us up too much. So I really spent time during the first half of the meditation with a long preparation spent clearing and calming the whole nervous system.


As I relaxed into the breathing technique I could feel myself slipping now and then into hypnagogic visions and had to come back to my breathing. I had a few of those jolts where you feel you are falling and wake yourself up. I slipped in and out of consciousness a few times and then found myself in that out-of-body floating place, the Void! I had slipped out of my physical body although I was vaguely aware of it there, sleeping and breathing somewhere near by. Everything was black.

I reached into the void with my astral hands and started feeling around, expecting to feel the objects on my table like I had been practising in the Meditation. Instead I felt some soft fabric – was that my bed? The visuals started to fade in, oh I am on a sofa, in a dream wing of my house. This part of my house exists only in the astral realm but is very familiar to me. Its very plush like a five star hotel lobby. There is a fire burning in the stone fireplace. I take a walk around checking out the different rooms and the pool.

I walk over to the window and start playing with the glass, like in the Meditation. I start with a blob and then stretch sections out like a snowflake. I always find moulding glass fun and very satisfying. I squeeze through the glass and I’m out on my back deck, overlooking the farm and the rainforest.

Although I had set my intention to practise some shamanic healing practices, I get completely seduced by the view of the rainforest in the glowing morning light and just launch myself off the deck and into the air. I have a long flight, completely indulging in the sensory experience of the freedom and beauty of rolling and floating through the air over this magical land. I realise that this was the healing I really needed – the feeling of pure freedom, lightness, letting go completely, far away from the stresses of the day. Wow, what a gift.

I hope you enjoy this meditation too.