Guided Astral Meditations for lucid dreaming and astral projection

About Exit Techniques

About Exit Techniques


My Astral Meditations are designed around many exit techniques such as falling, rising, melting, rolling or bouncing out of your body, or merging into the visuals of your third eye. If these techniques are successful you will find yourself outside of your body, either in your room or in other astral world.

Sometimes after the Guided Astral Meditation you will feel “on your way” but still in your physical body. If so I really recommend spending an hour after the Guided Meditation practising exit techniques as you drift in and out of sleep. Drifting in and out of sleep leads you into the mind-awake/body-asleep scenario perfect for astral projection and also gives you many chances for lucid dreams.

Be prepared because the feelings that precede astral body separation can be very intense: vibrations, shaking, rolling, bouncing sensations accompanied by loud noises and the sensing of other presences nearby talking or touching you. Dont be afraid, you are about to have one of the greatest experiences of your life! Relax and enjoy the sensations while focussing on your exit technique. When the vibrations subside you are ready to move away from your physical body and off on your adventure. (Other times you may slip smoothly and easily into the astral realm with no sensation of vibrations.)


Essentially, all exit techniques work by keeping the mind awake and occupied with the intention to astral project while the physical body falls asleep. You keep your mind occupied with IMAGINING the feeling of the exit technique with your full attention, and just continue to do so on and on, until your body falls asleep and you find yourself being swept up and into the astral realm. This does require alot of patience and a longer attention span than most of us are used to, but with PRACTICE we can extend our ability to hold our focus for longer and longer periods. This power to hold focus and awareness on one thing to the exclusion of everything else is an amazing ability that unlocks a huge well of potential within us. This is the power of meditation. Don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult at first, this is completely normal, just remember that you will improve quickly as you practise so keep at it.


There are many, many different exit techniques and the best one for you will be found through experimentation, trial and success. A good technique for you will be one that you enjoy the sensation of, so you can keep imagining it for as long as it takes to astral project. Remember to relax your body into a light state of sleep, and keep a receptive, open mind allowing the experience to unfold instead of trying to force anything. Here is a short list of techniques to get you started:


Simply imagine yourself engaging in one kind of repetitive physical exercise such as jogging, bouncing on a trampoline, rolling/spinning/somersaulting down a hill, swinging on a swing, climbing a rope, swimming, walking up stairs… It can be anything as long as it is repetitive and you imagine the motion with your full attention and don’t stop until the motion becomes completely real. Choose something that you enjoy doing in your waking life and imagine it with the full power of your focussed attention while relaxing your physical body completely. Continue to exercise your astral body as you drift towards sleep, allowing the motion to sweep you up and into the astral realm.


Use your imagination to float yourself upwards to the ceiling. Touch the ceiling with your hands, then feel yourself falling downwards back into your bed. Repeat this over and over until you find yourself really floating up to the ceiling.


Begin by visualising yourself wherever you are, most likely lying in your bed. Now, visualise yourself walking over to your bedroom door, about to open it and step outside. Imagine seeing and feeling the door and the doorknob with your hands, as clearly as you can. Then visualise yourself walking back in your bed, or wherever you currently are. Then back to the door, then back to bed, back to the door, and back and forth until you find yourself out of your body and actually standing at your door. Then you can visualise whatever world you want to find behind your door, open it and set off on your astral journey. Its a good idea to spend some time at your bedroom door really exploring all of the details and textures so that your memory is very accurate.


Just close your eyes and focus on the images that appear in your mind as you sink towards sleep. The blurry fuzzy lights behind your closed eyelids will start to form into shapes and scenes as your third eye begins to open. Just relax and watch the shapes as they come and go. There is no need to try too hard, just watch and stay awake. The more you practise this the stronger your third eye vision will become, until you start to see visions very quickly. Watch the visions become clearer and clearer until they are perfectly defined, like you are looking through a window. These images are called ‘hypnagogia.’ You can now step through the window and into the dream realm, remaining aware that you are inside a dream.


As practiced by Tibetan monks in Dream Yoga, you meditate on your breathing or your heart beat or a mantra and allow your body to fall asleep while your consciousness remains awake and aware. Just meditate and maintain your focus and intention to remain awake, while you watch your body fall asleep. Once you feel the vibrations rise and pass (or hear your body snoring!) then just get up and move away from your physical body and set off on your journey.