School of Dreaming

To enter into Dreaming is to become intimate with the universe around us and experience ourselves deep within the cosmic order of life.

Through Dreaming we awaken to an awesome universe filled with mysterious power and potential. Every night the cosmos is calling out to us to come and explore! Yet these days it has become 'normal' for people to believe that there is no magic or mystery left in the world... how can this be? Because as a culture we have forgotten the art of Dreaming - the language and skills that allow us to commune directly with Spirit.

By Dreaming we discover that there is far more to ourselves than we are led to believe. We all have powers and connections to realms that are beyond current scientific understanding, yet they are very much real. We can experience a truly enchanted and magical world that is alive with meaning and calling out to us to rediscover the language of Spirit - to rediscover ourselves.

Welcome to the greatest adventure in (and out-of) this world…

Welcome to the School of Dreaming!

Susannah Isthisadream

About Me

Hi, I'm Susannah and this school is my dream project. I love guiding people into the Astral Worlds through Guided Meditation, and through this school I hope to take students ever deeper into the art of Dreaming.

Thank you for joining me on the journey. Wishing you many magical astral adventures!

Much Love, Susannah x

Susannah Isthisadream

Susannah Isthisadream



"I use these as a background to my afternoon naps....And they take me to some WONDERFUL places!! Thank you so much for making these Susannah, your voice is just the most amazing soothing voice I have ever heard!"


"I had the vibrations, but I managed to relax and I was catapulted to another world, fully Lucid, exploring as I pleased. It was great. Thanks for your wonderful videos."


"I've been attempting astral projection for over a month now finally I was able to project with this video. At around 6.30 in the morning. I've done this several times since. The body sensations that goes along with obe are so awesome can't wait til morning again!"


"Thanks, Susannah!! I had my first (and only) astral projection with "The Crystal Lake". What an amazing experience. Words cannot describe it... Your meditations are unique & powerful. Please don't ever stop making them. :)"


"Wow after I really got into it, I felt myself looking back at the earth and i was there explaining everything to another being about my planet and I met my guardian. This was an amazing experience for me. Just wanted to share with you guys."


"This worked, at first I thought it didnt work because i was still in my bed then I realized I was in astral projection but I just had to move and I could not touch anything physical. Amazing!!!"

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is the art of consciously exploring the astral plane. There are countless mysterious and mind-blowing astral worlds within your reach, just waiting to be explored.


Simply lie down, get comfortable and relax. Put on your headphones, follow my voice and enjoy your astral journey...

Guided Meditations

These hi-quality audio files are all available for free, making the magical world of the astral plane accessible to everyone!

Please pay whatever these recordings are worth to you. Huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to this project by purchasing the audio files! It is THANKS TO YOU that this Astral Journey can continue ♥♥♥

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