Learning to dream comes naturally because it is something we are born to do.

We dream naturally, every night, but tragically most people are unaware of how to harness the incredible power for self revelation that lies within their dreams. The School of Dreaming will guide and advise on all aspects of dreaming, including lucid dreaming and astral projection. Our guided meditations have helped thousands of people to discover their innate abilities to consciously explore their dreams.

Our guided meditations are one of the easiest ways to discover and activate your own innate powers of astral projection and lucid dreaming...

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"I use these as a background to my afternoon naps....And they take me to some WONDERFUL places!! Thank you so much for making these Susannah, your voice is just the most amazing soothing voice I have ever heard!"


"I had the vibrations, but I managed to relax and I was catapulted to another world, fully Lucid, exploring as I pleased. It was great. Thanks for your wonderful videos."


"I've been attempting astral projection for over a month now finally I was able to project with this video. At around 6.30 in the morning. I've done this several times since. The body sensations that goes along with obe are so awesome can't wait til morning again!"


"Thanks, Susannah!! I had my first (and only) astral projection with "The Crystal Lake". What an amazing experience. Words cannot describe it... Your meditations are unique & powerful. Please don't ever stop making them. :)"


"Wow after I really got into it, I felt myself looking back at the earth and i was there explaining everything to another being about my planet and I met my guardian. This was an amazing experience for me. Just wanted to share with you guys."


"This worked, at first I thought it didnt work because i was still in my bed then I realized I was in astral projection but I just had to move and I could not touch anything physical. Amazing!!!"

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is the art of consciously exploring the astral plane. There are countless mysterious and mind-blowing astral worlds within your reach, just waiting to be explored.


Simply lie down, get comfortable and relax. Put on your headphones, follow my voice and enjoy your astral journey...

Guided Meditations

These hi-quality audio files are available for only $1 or $2 each, making the magical world of the astral plane accessible to everyone!

Alternatively you can stream them for free from my YouTube Channel.

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